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(With apologies to Daniel Silva...)
The word "Memuneh" is an old word. A very old word. It is an ancient Hebrew word.
A Memuneh is an angel.
More specificically, "the Appointed One," the Memuneh Is the angel that Yahweh (God) has appointed to oversee the Universe until He returns.
No flower grows without the approval of the Memuneh. The sun rises and sets at the behest of the Memuneh. The wind will not stir without permission from the Memuneh. And an injustice, no matter how eggregious, will not be addressed, until it is brought to God's attention by the Memuneh.
God might own the building, but the Memuneh is in charge until the Big Guy gets back.

I am the Memuneh.

My propensity for control and order (as I am oft reminded by those around me) borders on the Messianic. (...Although I would prefer to view it as merely doing God's work.)
Memuneh is a title that I wear with an understandable humilty. Yet it is a responsibilty that I accept with the full knowledge that no one (with the possible exception of the Almighty) is as capable of fulfilling as I.

Welcome to the world that I have created...